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Red Tab Savers Account Program Rules

Effective as of April 2018

By applying for or otherwise participating in the Red Tab Savers program, you agree to accept and be bound by these Program Rules (the “Program Rules”), which, together with EARN’s Terms of Service (“Terms”), govern your use of the Red Tab Savers Program (“Program”). In the event of a conflict between these Program Rules and the Terms, these Program Rules take precedence, but only to the extent of the conflict.

Eligibility Requirements

To open a Red Tab Savers Account (“Program Account”), individuals must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Have a valid address within the 50 United States or the District of Columbia.
  3. Have a valid email address.
  4. Have a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).
  5. Have either filed taxes or be able to submit their Form W-2(s) from the most recent year (i.e. 2017 W-2s after January 31, 2017).
  6. Have a savings account at a compatible bank or credit union based in the United States, and be enrolled in online banking with valid online banking credentials.
  7. Be a Levi Strauss & Co. employee at designated retail or distribution locations (as determined by the Red Tab Foundation) at the time of account opening.

How Rewards (“Rewards”) Work

  1. Participants can earn a Match reward each month that they save at least $10.  Participants earn a dollar-for-dollar match up to $40 per month.
  2. Participants can earn a $20 Consistency reward at the end of the program when they save at least $10 a month for all six months of the program.
  3. If participants save $40 every month of the six month program, they can earn a maximum of $260 in rewards.
  4. Participants can claim their rewards six months after linking a valid savings account by filling out a survey and entering their account information (bank routing number and savings account number). EARN will then electronically transfer the rewards directly into the participant’s account.

Withdrawal Policy

There is no limit to the number of withdrawals a Saver can make during the 6-month savings period from her savings account. The EARN platform will only be calculating rewards based on the net gain or loss from the account, including any fees, for each month (to determine eligibility for the Consistency reward) and over each month (to determine the Match reward). If a Saver misses a month of savings or her savings account balance decreases in a given month, she will simply forfeit any possible Match reward for that month as well as the Consistency reward. She will not lose any of her earned Match reward from previous months.

Savers should check with their financial institutions to view the institutions’ fees and policies regarding withdrawals. EARN’s program does not limit withdrawals, but the financial institution may limit or impose fees for withdrawals.

Participation Rules

  1. Individuals can open only one Red Tab Savers Account per person. Savers who participated in a prior pilot year may participate in the 2018 Red Tab Savers program with a different email address if they previously linked an account or the same email address if they never linked an account.
  2. Each Red Tab Savers Account must be linked to a unique savings account. A joint account may not be linked to more than one Red Tab Savers Account.
  3. Once a participant links a savings account, that linked savings account cannot be changed unless the participant contacts EARN’s Member Support team.
  4. Deposit dates are recorded by the financial institutions and are reported to EARN.  Deposits will count toward the appropriate monthly period based on the deposit date recorded by the financial institution.
  5. Participants can only claim rewards once they complete the sixth month of the program.
  6. Participants must complete a survey, and enter their bank routing number and account number to claim rewards.
  7. EARN encourages Savers to not withdraw their rewards and keep saving, however, there are no restrictions on how savers use may their rewards after the program.
  8. Individuals' participation in the Red Tab Savers Account will not affect their employment at Levi Strauss & Co. Individuals' employment status at Levi Strauss & Co. will not affect their participation in the Red Tab Savers Account with the following exception: any employee who is dismissed for cause may have their Red Tab Savers Account closed.
  9. Individuals who have violated program rules in any of EARN's previous programs (i.e. TripleBoost or IDA) are ineligible for a Red Tab Savers Account.

Reasons for Account Closure & Rewards Forfeiture

  1. If an individual de-activates his or her Red Tab Savers Account, that account will be permanently closed and all rewards will be forfeited.
  2. EARN reserves the right to permanently suspend any participants who harass staff or violate other rules of conduct.
    • These individuals cannot restart the Red Tab Savers Account, will forfeit all rewards, and are prohibited from participating in any of EARN's current and future products.
  3. If EARN learns that a participant has falsified their identification or income information, that participant's Red Tab Savers Account will be permanently closed and any rewards will be forfeited.
    • S/he will also be prohibited from participating in any of EARN's current and future products.

Program Duration & Expiration Dates

  • Savers earn rewards through the Red Tab Savers program for six months after a savings account is linked to the platform.
  • The program duration is not extended if participants accidentally un-link their savings account, or if their transaction information is not available to EARN due to technological problems, password changes, or other problems outside of EARN's control.
  • Participants can submit income documentation by uploading their tax return to the Red Tab Foundation’s secure file system or by sending a completed 4506- T form to authorize the Red Tab Foundation to access their tax return from the IRS. If participants did not file a tax return in 2017, they can submit their W-2 form instead.
  • Participants have 60 days after they have finished earning rewards to claim their rewards by submitting a survey. After 60 days, any and all rewards earned are forfeited.


Participants consent to allowing the Red Tab Foundation to access relevant personal information, including but not limited to, name, email, birthdate, and program status, in order to provide better program service and assistance. Note that participants consent to the rules and release of personal information when they enroll in the program.

Note: Due to limited funding, EARN and the Red Tab Foundation cannot guarantee spaces in the Red Tab Savers Account and reserve the right to limit participation in the program to a first come, first serve basis. Individuals placed on a waitlist will be notified by email if more spaces are made available.